Sunday Journal: Baseball, Butter and Brave Writer

Regards to this beautiful family
Happiest when Arak

At The Well

DSC02645 (640x480)The week went by too quickly…mostly because of the long weekend. The big event for me this week was going to my very first baseball game to see the Lexington Legends. I do not know much about the game but my husband filled me in on the basics. So, I wasn’t too lost. I may have called one of the “runs” a “touchdown” but otherwise managed to follow along. I only know DSC02691 (640x480)football and a smattering of NASCAR at this point in my life…and I’m okay with that. Anyway, I expected to be kinda bored but it was actually really fun. I doubt that I could ever sit through a game on television but going to a game “in the moment” is certainly doable.

20160710_210236 (480x640)Did you know hot butter will ruin laminate floors? I discovered that fact painfully this week. I melted some butter in a pan and for some…

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